Local History Group

Kewstoke Local History Group was started in 1982 by Edwin Wraight and some interested villagers. When Mr. Wraight moved away some years later the group disbanded leaving a large amount of information. This was taken over by Sue Ryall in 1989. She decided that an exhibition was the only way to show off all the valuable material. At this time there were no photographs so Sue started collecting them and the first of many exhibitions was laid on. The response to that first exhibition, which lasted a week, was fantastic and masses of information and photographs poured in.

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Kewstoke Local History Group now has over 100 ledgers filled with irreplaceable material. For the millennium year every house in Kewstoke was photographed and matched with an old photo if there was one. All information concerning that property was collected, such as who built it, who has lived in it, old deeds, the price it has sold for over the years etc.

We have ledgers on the history of many of the old families who have lived in Kewstoke for generations, with family trees and photos.
A book was published for the millennium with the financial help of the Parish Council. It’s called ‘The Peoples Village’ and its taken from tape recordings made over the last ten years of local people talking about life in Kewstoke from before the 1st World War. (The book is on sale in local shops, or contact Sue Ryall direct.)

Evacuees who came to Kewstoke during the last War are sending in their memories and photos, one lady who now lives in Canada has been in touch, and we are always looking for more, so if you were sent to Kewstoke as a child in the War please let Sue know!

Need help with your family history research? Free advice is available from the Weston-super-Mare & District Family History Society to everyone, members or not.


Parish Council Minutes Bound Ledgers Dec.1894- 1996
Newspaper Cuttings 1957-on going
General Chorological Notes 1 ledger Mr. Wraight Roman-Present
Agriculture, Population 1 ledger Mr. Wraight
Kewstoke School On going
St. Paul’s Church .. ..
Kewstoke & Sandbay House Sales .. ..
The Toll Road & Woods .. ..
The Convalescent Home .. ..
Pontins Holiday Camp .. ..
Sir Fred Pontin Published Book
Church Registers Baptisms 1667 – 1967
Church Registers Marriages 1667 – 1948
Church Registers Deaths 1667 – 1963
General Family Histories 1 Large File
The Sheppard Family Incomplete
The Farler Family Tree & Photos On going
The Hart Family Tree & Photos .. ..
The Weakley Family Tree & Photos .. ..
The Urch Family Tree & Photos .. ..
The Thomas Family Tree & Photos .. ..
The Weadon Family Tree & Photos .. ..
Norton Court Farm Lower Norton Lane .. ..
Sand Point Farm. Beach Road On Going
Sand Farm & The Frost Family Beach Road .. ..
Sand Bay Farm. Beach Road .. ..
Norton Farm. Lower Norton Lane .. ..
Holm Farm. Lower Norton Lane .. ..
Ardnave Farm. Crookes Lane .. ..
Rose Tree Farm. Crookes Lane .. ..
Myrtle Tree Farm. Sand Road .. ..
House & Sale Deeds .. ..
Maps & Plans .. ..
Parish Register of Electors 1976 – 1997
Kellys Roads & houses 1887 – 1974
The Building of Kewstoke Village Hall On Going
Kewstoke Village Green Project .. ..
Woodspring Priory .. ..
Kewstoke Recreation Photos .. ..
Kewstoke Recreation. Written .. ..
Kewstoke Pre-school Group. Photos .. ..
New Inn Pub. .. ..
The Commodor Pub .. ..
Tea Rooms & Café’s .. ..
Local Wedding Photos .. ..
Local People Photos .. ..
Memories Of Local People. Oral, on Tape .. ..
The Peoples Village. Published Book Taken from Tapes £3.50
Memories of Local People. Written On Going
Views of Houses & Chalets. Photos .. ..
Views of Kewstoke & Sandbay .. ..
Kewstoke Parish Council. Letters & Documents .. ..
The Building of Sandbay Sea Defences. Written & Photos .. ..
Old Postcards of Kewstoke, Sandbay & Woods 100 + .. ..
Celebrations Through The Years . . ..
Odd Deeds & Documents Box File
Odd Photos Box File
The History of All Properties in Kewstoke & Sandbay 18 Ledgers
Lower Norton Lane Manor Gardens
Norton Lane Kewside
Collum Lane Orchard Close
Elmsley Lane Kew Haven
Kewstoke Road Cedarn Court
Crookes Lane South Side Crescent
Court Road St. Bridges Close
Beach Road Sand Road